Why Do You Need To Love Yourself First?

“It’s not anyone’s job to make you feel good about yourself. It can only come from you.”

If you’re searching for validation (and love) externally, you’re looking in the wrong place.

The likes you receive on Instagram and Facebook, the reassuring comments…

Is Your Money Blocks Holding You Back From Achieving Your Breams?

If Yes Then There’s A Very Good Chance That These Blocks Are Holding You Back!!!

Money Is A Necessity For Modern Life.

It Determines Much Of Our Life And Sometimes That Can Make Us Feel Pretty Out Of Control.

If you find you have trouble getting to sleep, then we may have the solution for you: crystals. Perhaps you’ve never thought of using them as a solution before, but you’d be surprised at how they can help. So, if you find yourself tossing and turning through the night, then…

Do You Feel That No Matter What We Do, All Of Our Energy Is Spent In Vain?

If yes, then try out working with Crystal Points.

Instead of throwing your arms in the air and asking, “What’s the point,” grab hold of a crystal point and use the point. As…

Nature Has Its Own Way Of Teaching Us So Many Things….

Its Beautiful To Spend Some Time In My Garden & Watch The Tress Grow And Learn From Them…

Have You Ever Wondered, Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves Before Each Winter? What Would Happen If They Didn’t?

Trees Lose…

Which category are you in
1. Energetic, lively, full of ideas, able to manifest what you want ?
2. Or you are lost, confused, stressed, anxiety levels high, not sure of what is happening in your life, not able to manifest what you want, stagnant energy ?

If your option…

It is important to have a serene work environment to feel content and fulfilled, since this is the place where we spend most of our time.

The physical space we work in also needs to resonate well-being with lots of light and proper furnishings along with the removal of cyber…

Making the most out of the eclipse season by super charging yourself and crystals too
Forgive, Let Go, Help, Manifest and Energise…
(Moon Energies are powerful 2 days before the full moon and 2 days after the full moon too, so it can be done tomorrow too)

During an eclipse…

Do you believe in yourself ?
Or you keep searching for validation and love externally ?
If yes, Then you’re looking in the wrong place.

The likes you receive on Instagram, Facebook, the reassuring comments from your family friends or colleagues in office telling you that you’re doing outstanding work…

Do You Have Chronic Pains ?
Do You Get Angry ?
Is it Your Anger or Some Other Emotion ?

While Anger is a Common Human Emotion, more often than not it is an Unintended Secondary Response. …

Pooja Anand

A Smile Influencer. Your Spiritual and Wellness Coach. I Bring Back forgotten Smiles into Your Life by Creating Meaningful Changes. I Help Reconnect With Self.

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